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Hello! This page is to show how you- the faith family of Knox UMC-

are handling the virus pandemic...

Share your notes and photos with Pastor Sheri to include them here.

First Sunday of at-home Worship!

Yes, in fuzzy slippers : )

“I happen to work for a

Necessary Establishment so been able to go to work. All seems to be going well, no wall-papering or such, and health is maintaining.”

We miss you, too!

Fudge Brownies

"I'm going to do

some baking

(and taste-testing)"  : )

Needing to be out & about

*and* being safe...

Here I'm wearing a classic

from "Sally O Creations" : )

Paint Buckets

"We've been painting

and wallpapering!"

“Our daffodils and crocus that have begun to bloom and the small green buds on the lilac bushes are just what I need to see right now!”

Yellow Daffodil Close Up

We've been making face masks for all  who need them.

With such nice weather, I'm worshipping OUTDOORS!

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